contemporary photography
contemporary photography


Sergiy Lebedynskyy was born in 1982 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He started photography in 2010, collaborated with Vladyslav Krasnoshok and Vadym Trykoz and founded the photographic group “Shilo”, continuing traditions of the Kharkiv School of Photography (Boris Mikhailov, Evgeny Pavlov, Juri Rupin etc.), known by its bold and critical view on the social processes in ex-USSR.

The success of the the FotoFest portfolio review in Moscow (2011) led him to the inclusion in FotoFest 2012 Biennial of Russian Photography in Houston. In 2013 Sergiy Lebedynskyy was in several exhibitions including FotoFest’s International Discoveries IV and Center of Photography The Lumiere Brothers and Open Gallery (both Moscow, Russia).

He holds a PhD. in engineering and works as a freelance photographer. His book „Euromaidan“ was published by Riot Books in 2014. Works are included to the collections of Museum of Fine Arts (Houston), The Joaquim Paiva Collection/Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro, Museum of Photo Art/Museum of Organic Culture (Kolomna, Moscow).

Selected Exhibitions
2014 “Finished Dissertation”, Fotoloft Gallery, Parallel project of the 4th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow, Russia
2014 “UPA hände hoch”, Municipal Gallery, Kharkiv, Uraine
2014 “Outpost of War Correspondents”, Gallery of Classic Photography, Moscow, Russia
2014 “I’m a drop in the ocean”, Künstlerhaus, Wien, Austria
2014 “Grushevskogo Street”, Open Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2013 "HEALTH TREATMENTS", Open Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2013 "Act of defiance. Body as a protest in Kharkiv Photorgaphy in 1970-2010 years”, Center of Photography The Lumiere Brothers,  Moscow, Russia
2013 "Tvorcheskiy vecher“, Vovatanya gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2013 “International Discoveries IV”, FotoFest Houston, USA
2012 Celeste Prize 2012 finalist group exhibition at the Musei Capitolini Centrale Montemartini , Rome, Italy
2012 PHOTOVISA International Photofestival. Timoshenko's escape, Krasnodar, Russia
2012 FotoFest 2012 Biennial, “Contemporary Russian Photography. The young generation 2007-2012”, Houston, USA
2011 “Municipal Gallery”, "Storing Negatives" Kharkiv, Ukraine
2011 International Fotofest in Pingyao group exhibition “Kharkiv school of photography. Painting lessons”, Pingyao, China
2011 Exhibition within 21. East European Cinema Festival, “Gallery Haus 23”. Group exhibition. “SHILO and friends. Photographs from East”, Cottbus, Germany,
2010 “Conservations”, Municipal Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2010 “Ya Gallery”, group exhibition “Kill photography” Kiev, Ukraine
2010 “Gayday Gallery”, group exhibition “two sights on modern Ukrainian photography” Kiev, Ukraine

2014 1st ViennaPhotobookReview Honorable Mention (with Shilo-Group), Vienna, Austria
2013 Street Photography Festival Finalist, Moscow, Russia
2012 Celeste Prize 2012 finalist (with Shilo-Group)
2012 Stop allo 048 degli Ogetti exhibition finalist at Le Ciminiere Exhibition Centre, Catania, Italy
2012 Golden Camera Award shortlist, Kyiv, Ukraine
2011 Scholarship for attending the Fotofest’s Biennial Meeting Place Portfolio Review (together with Vlad Krasnoshchek), Houston, USA

Professional Experience:
2014 1st ViennaPhotobookReview, Vienna, Austria
2014 International Fine Print Auction, FotoFest Houston
2014 FotoFest’s Biennial 2014 Meeting Place Portfolio Review, Houston
2013 Timoshenko's Escape or the First Step to the Exhibition on Mars, Performance by SHILO Group, FotoFest Headquarters, Houston
2012 LensCulture FotoFest Paris 2012 3rd Annual International Portfolio Review, Paris
2012 FotoFest’s Biennial 2012 Meeting Place Portfolio Review, Houston
2011 International Portfolio Review in Moscow for Russian Photographers, FotoFest
2010 -...  Freelance Photographer, Founder of the Shilo Group

Public Collections:
Museum of Fine Arts Houston (2012, 2013, 2014)
Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro/The Joaquim Paiva Collection, Brazil (2014)
Museum of Photo Art/Museum of Organic Culture Kolomna (2014)

2013 Ph.D., Chair of Particle Technology, Brandenburg University of Technology